​​​Nobody Left Behind, Nobody Forgotten

United States Law Enforcement Organization, Inc.


John Natale is a dedicated and caring community leader who continually goes out of his way to do good for others. He always places others before himself and is a great asset to our town.

Chief Clarke Osborne

Suffern Police Department

Suffern, New York

John Natale has blessed so many with not only his prophetic gifting but a heart that screams out Father. His wisdom of both biblical and spiritual knowledge has truly been a blessing to my audience! John has a natural and engaging way of leading the church back into The Father’s arms. He truly is a gift from Jesus and everyone he meets gets a deeper revelation of how much Jesus loves to give us gifts!

Lisa and Rob Perna

Touched by Prayer

Hillsborough, New Jersey

John & Nancy Natale possess and cultivate a passion for The Kingdom and family that is second to none! My wife Rachel , I and our Church family are truly blessed & honored to call them friends… We have encountered few people that truly believe and demonstrate that they exist to see our Father glorified and His Kingdom Glory be brought down, and manifest, here on earth…

This ministry is driven by Unconditional Love to reveal the true heart of God in order that captives in the world & body be set free…… It is a commitment they joyously and passionately commit every aspect of their life to as a first fruits lifestyle !

Pastor Robert J. Silvia

River of Life Church

Dighton, Massachusetts

I think the weekend with John Natale and his family was one of the most powerful and eventful meetings we have ever had…open heavens…great breakthroughs…direction. To experience the true purpose of the New Covenant prophets was so awesome…Thanks for your sensitivity to Holy Spirit…you were point on.

Pastor Cyndi Foster

Beauty for Ashes Church

Newport News, Virginia

Just Saying Thanks!

This year in 2015 you have made an impact in my life as I have admired you! Your words, encouragement, and tips spoke life to me! I’ve learned something from you that has helped shape my life! Thanks for being so you gracious to share. You Matter and you are making an impact! Keep allowing your light to shine in Darkness! Thank you and I Bless you!

Jennifer Cousette

North Carolina

We really appreciate your ministry. Our church was blessed beyond all expectations.

Pastor David Kim

Silver Springs Journey Church

Nyack, New York

John Natale released a word into our ministry that literally shook our world. It was clear, direct, and uncompromising. I am so glad that John had the courage to give us what God gave him. That word is continually shaping us into what God wants us to be. Frankly, that is what the prophetic word should do…it should shake us loose from what holds us back and help forge us into His image. I am glad to call John a friend and a fellow soldier. John is the real deal and a good steward of God’s Word.

Keith Smith

Sr. Minister

Providence Worship Center

Jesup, Georgia

I have known John for over almost two years. He was introduced to me at a time when I needed someone with his listening ear, listening to me to understand, and listening to the Holy Spirit to share with me what I needed to hear. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit was a blessing beyond description. His gifting of discernment and encouragement has refreshed both my wife and me. You will be blessed by his ministry, his perception and his compassion. I heartily endorse John, the manual and his ministry. You are in for a blessing from the Lord through His servant, John

Pastor Scott Fairchild

CrossRoad SouthBay Church

Gardena, California

Our church community, Heaven’s Gate Christian Fellowship, has been greatly blessed and encouraged by the ministry of John Natale and his family. The combination of his teaching and prophetic ministry together with the anointed worship ministry of his sons (Allure) make for a powerful and unique experience. I am more than honored to call him a friend and to recommend his ministry to all.

Pastor Arthur Soto

Heaven’s Gate Christian Fellowship

Passaic, New Jersey

The Lord used John Natale at a meeting 5 years ago to change my life and I have never been the same. I walked into that place searching for something, not really knowing who Jesus was, but came out with Fresh bread and Refreshing water, encountering Jesus Himself. All I knew then, was this man had a power that I never encountered before. I’ve since come to know, He has the power of the Living God flowing in His ministry; in prophecy, words of knowledge, Healing, deliverance, teaching, and more. He is a blessing, encourager, and leader for such a time as this.

Monica & Gary Kirby

Pastor of Worship (Gary)

Omaha, Nebraska

I have known John & Nancy Natale for many years now. They have showed their love for Jesus and people consistently. John moves with true prophetic accuracy coupled with integrity and a passion for righteousness. What makes John’s prophetic so good is his heart of love and compassion for those who are struggling. Nancy is a passionate intercessor with a strong gift of discernment. The fruit of Godly people is their children. Over the years John and Nancy’s children have evolved into a music ministry called ALLURE. Together they make a great ministry team for church services, conference or outreach. John has spoke at our annual prophetic conference. I highly recommend you have John Natale Ministries with ALLURE at your next conference or church service. Jesus will be honored and you and those entrusted to you will be blessed. John ministering with his children is a “sign” for those who have eyes to see.

Adam & Sarah LiVecchi

We See Jesus Ministries & Rescue Church

Little Ferry, New Jersey

John Natale is passionate for Jesus!

He has a clear and sharp prophetic ministry that builds up the body of Christ.

John has been a real blessing to me and my family and the members of our church.

Pastor Daniel Donzelli

Little Flock Church

Schenectady, New York

Knowing John for several years, I have learned that he is a devoted husband and father as well as being a faithful, committed servant of God. He has blessed us many times with his prophetic preaching and teaching ministry at Evangel Christian Church.

Pastor Veronica M. Pearson

Evangel Christian Church (Retired)

Little Ferry, New Jerseyur paragraph here.