USLEO is an organization that supports Law Enforcement Agencies. Supporting the Men and Women in blue that have dedicated their lives to protect and serve.


John Natale is the President & Founder. He serves as a Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Counselor, and Chaplain (First Responder).

He was trained under the Police Chaplain Program of New Jersey. 

​He is also a Certified New York State Armed Security Officer.

Consider being a partner today! With your help, departments, officers, and families can have support they need, emotionally and financially.

Make an Eternal difference in the life of another

By having a valuable interest in the lives of others, we can make a significant difference in families all across the United States through Humanitarian efforts.

United States Law Enforcement Organization, Inc.

​​​Nobody Left Behind, Nobody Forgotten


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Dave Arthur            Robert Shepitka
​Board Member         Advisory Board

Angelo Milone

Board Member

Local, National, and International, John Natale is a vocal advocate helping people worldwide to establish peace, inspiration and encouragement. 

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USLEO is all about bringing support anytime, any where. From coast to coast, we are available to departments nationwide. To provide assistance where our resources can facilitate positive results.


John Natale

President & Founder

Nancy Natale

Vice President

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  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • Military Police